June 2022 - MAS

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Latest US Fintech News: Banking Giant Defaulting Millions of SMBs

The world is small, and smaller is the world of tech and business where news can travel faster than the speed of light. Last week, a fintech giant in the USA decided to take away its support back from the SMBs. As a result, a toll took over the major social media platforms like Twitter about how this decision has left many small businesses in a ruckus and how poor the management of this banking giant is.

Why hire a freelance bookkeeper a better choice?

Are you a small business owner who tries to manage bookkeeping by yourself instead of hiring a freelance bookkeeper the way you govern all your business activities from setting up operations to marketing your business? It's great to handle it all until it starts affecting your base operations. So, although you think you are managing your cash flows correctly, you might end up harming your business. The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it, just like you are the boss of your business!

Management Skills

Managing life means getting things done to accomplish life’s objectives, and controlling an organization means acquiring things done with and through other people to achieve its objectives. Management is the administration of an organization, whether a business, a not-for-profit organization, or a government body.

Impact of the pandemic on business and how finance function has reinvented itself

Prior to the Covid-19 epidemic, many finance functions across various organisations and sectors were already transforming or evaluating their operating models. It was mainly in response to a broad and effective set of challenges and drivers, including managing costs, conveying value, attracting and retaining talent, making efficient use of technology and automation, and conforming to new regulations.

Essentials if you are outsourcing your Tax preparation

Tax preparation refers to the process of preparation of tax returns by an individual or an organization. It is a cumbersome and elaborate process that requires careful perusal of the financial activities of the taxpayer for a specific period. A licensed practitioner can prepare your taxes, such as an attorney, certified public accountant, enrolled agent, or an unlicensed tax preparation service.